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Angie Jarvis of Functional Devices – “Trifecta Day” at TFC – Relays, Current Sensors and Power Supplies.

Our LCBS Connect Products have arrived and are very well received!

These CVAHU Controllers can do up to 3 Stages of Heat / 3 Stages of Cool / Modulating Economizer – All easily set up through the Display and without a Software or Laptop to get you going FAST!!!

Need to replace an Economizer, consider buying this as the replacement and give your customer the advantage of controlling the AHU entirely through this package, instead of having a bunch of parts all tied together and possibly not even providing Free Cooling.

The Connect Feature provides Trending & Analytics – Along with Alerts should conditions you choose, occur.

Visit us for more information.

 Announcing Honeywell Analytics!


Also, We have been named the Honeywell Analytics Distributor for the area and are happy to help you with your Sensing Products needs, such as E3Point.

OEM Replacement Parts Offering

T.F. Campbell is now able to provide you with replacement parts from most popular OEM lines. Featuring 24- and 48-hour delivery for most common parts.

See our New Complete Listing of OEM Replacement Parts Offering

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Past Events

TFC Christmas 2016

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