Sanitize your Building with Steril-Aire

Sanitize your Building with Steril-Aire

Don’t be fooled by inexpensive UV lights and wands!

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The Rapid Install Kit (RIK) provides fast and easy installation of Steril-Aire Single-Ended Enhanced UVC Emitter® with lengths from 24” to 61”.

  • Fast Install: Cost-effective installation and comes pre-wired from Steril Aire's factory, reducing HVAC downtime.
  • Flexible: 6 Enhanced Emitter lengths (24”, 30”, 36”, 42”, 50″, 61″) with up to 8 rows of Emitters for optimum coil coverage from 24″-180″ tall plenums.
  • Unmatched UVC Output: Delivers up to 6 times the output of competitive UVC products, for the best germicidal control
  • Proven Ultra Violet Energy technology, backed by science: UVC is proven to be effective killing off mold, bacteria, and viruses (such as COVID-19)
  • Energy Savings: Allows heat and air to flow uniformly across coils, reducing energy costs. Lowers energy costs by restoring heat transfer and airflow uniformity across the coils
  • Improves Air Quality:  Steril-Aire destroys film found on HVAC equipment, which ensures the inactivation of airborne pathogens. 
  • Safe: Creates absolutely no ozone or secondary pollutants
  • Improves Operational Efficiency:  Increases the longevity of equipment and eliminates the need for HVAC cleaning programs. 
  • Cost-Effective:  Return on Investment is normally less than 2 years (maybe even sooner with COVID-19 reopenings)
  • Quality: UL, CUL, CE and other agency listings 

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Safer, healthier rooms start with Steril-Aire SterilWand.

The SterilWand combines Steril-Aire’s multi-patented Ultra Violet technology in a portable and hand-held device shown to kill off surface mold, bacteria, viruses and even yeast.   SterilWand is perfect for all commercial and residential buildings, but specifically can help with sterilization in food handling spaces, healthcare facilities, commercial and institutional environments.

Steril Wand has been approved by the USDA and FDA for surface decontamination, Ultra Violet Rays are well-known for its ability to control naturally occurring microbes.


    • Highest performance: Delivers the highest output germicidal UV
    • Backed by science: Uses the proven power of germicidal Ultra Violet energy as an effective inactivation method for pathogens
    • Safe and ozone-free: Uses no chemicals; produces no ozone or other toxic pollutants
    • Easy to Use: UVC technology where and when you need it.
    • Manages Risk:  Improved environmental hygiene means improved clinical outcomes, reduced cross-contamination and enhanced food safety

    DE 241 Wand/Shroud, Handle & Soft Wire - 120V $487

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    Never settle for less than Steril-Aire.
    The first choice in ultraviolet clean air technology is still the best choice.

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